Monday, November 15, 2010

Co Się Dzieje Z Ciałem Po śmierci

: THE roads leading to ... "

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

paths of innocent eyes become insults;
Comments complacent exchanged smiles we share.
And languid prose that reason in the hearts sinking. The perverse
to deposit their poison, and delay marriage.

paths where trees provide the passion fruit. From
look at the action, the step is taken, without making any noise. The paths of sin
borrowed under the veils of the night.
Then the tears will flow like the sky falling raindrops.

are many paths and roads leading to the scaffold. Mixed
of our brothers and sisters speculating in the wrong.
And heartily, they have fun, fuel their own fire.
soiled, then humiliated, one on the other, rejecting his faults. Who asks

adultery is a choice in its many roads.
Dressed, Naked, free under the heat of August.
Like a forbidden fruit just waiting what is the taste.
Girls demons by the hand, lead you to your flight.

These speeches so charming, and the terms employed by poets.
And faith is dying, retiring in your dark head-to-face.
paths are many but they lead to the same place: Hell
libertines, which will be preserved the pious.

thee They reached out, forgiveness and true repentance. The
you have disowned the benefit of your lower desires?
Your promises of marriage were as fatal lies. In
blood fornicator, you plunge your own actions.

Abu Hind 2010.


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